Personal and Spiritual Growth Coaching with Elder Dobbins

Take the Leap: Embrace Transformation with Elder Christie Dobbins

Step into your God-given potential and secure your coaching sessions today. Experience personal and spiritual growth as you uncover God's vision for your life with Elder Christie Dobbins as your guide.

What you'll get:

  • Three Personalized Coaching Sessions: Delve into tailored discussions to foster your spiritual development and achieve personal breakthroughs
  • Biblical Foundations: Each session draws upon Christian and biblical principles, offering a sturdy framework for your life's decisions and direction.
  • Spiritual Partnership: Walk side by side with the Holy Spirit, inviting divine guidance into every aspect of your journey.

Please note that these sessions are not a substitute for professional counseling or therapy. They are an opportunity for spiritual and personal guidance based on biblical principles.

Take this step forward and schedule your first session as soon as you complete your purchase. Consistency is critical to your success—arrange your sessions weekly to maintain momentum in your growth.

$497.00 USD