Meet Elder Christie Dobbins


Christie Dobbins is a wife, a mom, a mentor, and a sought-after international speaker with an empowering message of hope. Christie’s mission is to inspire God’s people to move beyond the status quo. She loves nothing more than preaching and teaching the uncompromising word of God.

 Christie's goal as a prayer strategist and teacher is to engage, inspire, and uplift through speaking engagements and a service lifestyle. Anointed in sound biblical teaching, building Kingdom relationships, and empowering women and girls, she is growing into a force of faith and power for the Kingdom of God. As an avid reader, seeker of information, and a possessor of revelation knowledge, Christie will minister to your present need, challenge your boundaries, and encourage your faith.

 Christie’s messages are filled with powerful Biblical insights for practical life application. Through her written and spoken words, Christie will help you find the confidence in Christ to live daily in the security of His promises. More specifically, Christie can show you where God resides amid your pains, joys, frustrations, and relationship issues.

 Christie is an ordained minister at her local church. She is married to Venshard Dobbins, Sr., and they have been blessed with four sons−John, Venshard, Jr., Diemeary, and Joshua.

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